Winter Blah-Blah-Blahs


2212813781_212d9a7425I think the winter blahs are setting in at our house. It’s been a bit too cold for outdoor play, since when temps hit single digits, the kids don’t enjoy being out for too long. This means the fort-building/indoor picnic/winter crafts season is upon us. There are days I’m tempted to succumb to the call of the Wii remotes, but we don’t allow video games during the week and limit their time on weekends for a reason – we want our kids to engage in a variety of activities.

I have a handful of books we’re going to put to good use, in addition to making those tissue paper landscapes I wrote about earlier. At some point I got sucked into purchasing these books as a set:

Look What You Can Make With BOXES Edited by Margie Hayes Richmond

Look What You Can Make With Paper Bags Edited by Judy Burke


Look What You Can Make With Paper Plates Edited by Margie Hayes Richmond

I’m excited to order Soule Mama’s upcoming release, “The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections,” due out in April but available for pre-order now.

I also think I’m going to get this book, because we’re all about the nocturnal goodness around these parts.

And hey! Writing about great books for winter blahs has pulled me out of my own winter blahs for a while.

Are there any go-to crafty/activity books you use on rainy/snowy/bleak-and-dreary days? Write the titles and why you like them in the comments section.

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