New Year, New Ideas


I’m excited about the turning of calendar pages to a new year for many reasons, one of which means some new regular features here at Bring the Family, including:

Mini Adventures – I’ll drag bring the family somewhere new in the Great Lakes region of the Midwest, with an eye toward learning or trying something we’ve never experienced before.

Stuck Indoors – Ideas for days when illness, weather, or your wallet keep everyone stuck at home.

How To – multimedia segments on subjects like: how to pack a day pack for a short hike, build an igloo, learn to snowboard, take memorable photos, and more. Let me know what you’d like to see here!

Doing It Right – This will center around communities, organizations, families, and individuals who are keeping the spirit of exploration and adventure alive in their corner of the world.

Guest Bloggers – Have an adventure or idea you’d like to share with Bring the Family’s readers? Email me at ToniTravels AT gmail DOT net to sign up to do a guest post (with video and/or photos, if that’s your thing).

Product Reviews – We’ll test gear our family actually uses and provide honest reviews (with giveaways of products we endorse, too).

I’m considering putting some of these items up for a vote – especially mini adventures – where readers get to pick where we go and what we do next! From kayaking the Chicago River to touring the Trek Bicycle Factory in Wisconsin, we’ll pick fun, affordable things to do locally.

Here’s a cute little kickoff for the new year that demonstrates what you can do when you combine a 9-year-old, a sloping driveway, and an inexpensive starter snowboard from a sporting goods store.

I’d love to hear from you about how to make this site more useful to families; post your requests and suggestions in the comment section.

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