Low Expectations Days

While I’m all about adventure and discovery and getting out and doing fun stuff, I also think that a crucial element to living is the ability to simply “be.” This is a common theme in articles and web sites devoted to simplicity and wellness.

But some days, I take the middle ground.

Yesterday, a family emergency required that I chuck every last one of my best-laid plans (column due, three kids on three school schedules, shopping to do before a friend’s wedding, a recipe to test for said column) and declare a “Low Expectations Day”–I would get done what absolutely had to be done and no more.

It wasn’t easy, but at the same time it was sort of liberating, kind of like the day last week when a tornado touched down nearby. As I herded the kids downstairs, I looked around the main floor of our home – camera, laptop, bills, knick knacks – and decided I needed none of it, I had everyone of value to me headed to the basement.

Next time you find yourself mid-crisis (kids barfing in tandem, car won’t start, elderly parents injured or sick), declare a Low Expectations Day, do what has to get done and let life blow the rest away. It’ll all be waiting for you when you return, and you may even find that some “priorities” didn’t need your attention after all.

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