A Sad Update

I recently blogged about the plight of a colleague, Lori Hall Steele, a fellow freelancer who faced losing her home during a bout with a serious illness. I’m very sad to report that Lori passed away yesterday, leaving behind her mother, a young son and many people who know there’s a little less light left in the world with her passing. Here’s a link to her obituary, which also serves as a touching tribute to her life, devotion to family, and her talent as a writer.

I wanted to publicly thank those of you who read my earlier entry and donated to Lori’s cause. Updates on the fundraising efforts on her behalf will be posted at the Lori Hall Steele fundraising blog. I apologize but I don’t have any information as to whether they are still seeking donations or other forms of assistance, but if I hear anything new, I’ll post an update. Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity.

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