Getting Your Baby To Sleep In Car

Are you a mom who is worried about going out with your baby because you do not want to interrupt her schedule? A consistent schedule helps your baby establish good sleep patterns. But this consistent schedule may contain two or three naps, which can make it impossible for you to get out of the house during the day. However, some babies are highly adaptable and can sleep anywhere, through anything and at any time.

baby sleep in car

Getting the baby to sleep is in itself hard enough, and what happens when you need to go out? Baby sleep is a complex issue, and trying to formulate sleep patterns and routines can be problematic for both parents and newborns. That is why many parents opt for using a baby nightlight for finding an ideal solution for a soothing night’s sleep. For ideas of the best baby night lights I recommend you have a look at this guide I found at

If your baby falls asleep almost before you are out of the driveway, then you are very lucky. Many parents struggle with kids who will not spend even a few minutes in their car seats. This crankiness stems from a lack of mobility as the baby is used to more freedom of movement and more physical attention than you can provide when she is belted into her seat. However, there are a few things you can do to help your baby sleep when she is not at home.



Having a good routine is very useful for planning when to go out with your baby. With a regular routine, you will know when she will need to be asleep and you can plan to either have a sleep in the car, or put her down to sleep when you get where you are going.

Routine means your baby knows what you expect and when you expect it, so she will more likely settle easily in her car seat, if she knows it is her usual sleep time. Babies are creatures of habit, so your little one will doze off if the bedtime routine is followed. If she sleeps after a particular feeding or if you use a swaddle blanket, do the same when you are on the go.



Put up temporary stick-on sunshade on the baby’s window to keep out the glaring light from her eyes.


Sucking on a bottle of formula, or breast milk, or juice, or just a pacifier, if she is used to one, will help the baby to sleep while on the go.


A soothing music can put your baby to sleep and also keep out the road noise. Moreover, if you use a particular music to lull your baby, then use it in the car. Babies associate those sounds with sleep.


Travel Early

If you plan to go for a long trip, hit the road early. This helps to cover more distance when the baby is asleep. Since it will be dark outside, your baby will go back to sleep after she is settled in the car seat.



Depending on the age of your baby, determine how much sleep she needs. Make it a priority to see that she gets it. If your child is not getting enough sleep, make changes in your schedule to help her get more rest.

Although you can get your – baby to sleep in car, keep in mind that sleeping in a car is not as restorative as sleeping in a crib or bassinette. Try to avoid making car naps a habit because they are not a great idea for several reasons.

Best places for Canoeing in Illinois

Canoeing is a fun and enjoyable yet worthwhile outdoor activity which participants from nearly all walks of life are offered a number of different styles conducive to the individual desires of the paddler.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing day or provide yourself with an intense upper body workout, Canoeing is an excellent idea. In Illinois there are many places to enjoy a day of canoeing, below is a list of the better places that you may want to visit.




Skokie Lagoons is Winnetka is one of the easiest places for kayaking. Located near Chicago, Skokie has multiple pools that make up the water system and if you own your own boat you will have much more expanded set of launch point options. While Skokie is a great destination, be sure to bring your bug spray, lots of bugs linger in the air on the open water paddling ideal for beginners. Skokie has rentals as well as tours available.

On the Chicago River is the North Shore Channel which is a great spot to paddle on the waterway. North Shore has a total mileage of 10 miles both ways, so you should be prepared to paddle back as far as you paddle out as the exit is also the launch point. The paddling of North Shore Channel is very east suitable to the beginner, there is almost no current most of the time, the expectation being when strong winds are present. Bring your own stuff however as no rentals and tours are available.



Big bend Lake is another fun place to spend a day on the water, many consider it a hidden gem of a paddling destination. The location is easy to get to as the turnoff is just under the I294 over pass on Golf Road and hardly anyone seems to know that it is there.

The water is clear and crisp and visitors are certain to have nice views of vegetation and wildlife on the lakeside shores. Big Ben is a paddling destination ideal for the beginner while the crystal clear waters are calm and great for spending a nice relaxing day on the water. Big bend does not, however, have tours and rentals available.



Kayaking, paddling and canoeing generally is an activity enjoyed in wilderness but kayaking on the Chicago River in downtown Chicago is an experience like none other.

Visitors have views of Chicago’s majestic skyline while paddling down along the Riverwalk and underneath the city’s iconic bridges. Kayaking in the downtown part of Chicago River is certainly different and a change of pace if you are used to paddling in the typical forested areas of Paddling destinations, the site also provides a different view of the city that otherwise you will not have had the chance to enjoy and experience.

While the river does not move fast, you should be of an intermediate level experience as the waterways sometimes are quite busy and require some maneuvering. Urban Kayaks offers rentals and tours at this destination.


Busse woods meanwhile is a favorite of many who love to spend a day on the water. The lake system is a treasure which has plenty of wildlife including egrets and great blue herons throughout the whole area. In the hotter months visitors should be aware of algae blooms which make parts of the lake difficult to paddle in however maps are in place that help you to stay in the deeper and easier to paddle parts of the lake.

Busse Woods is ideal for beginner and intermediate level as little current is usually present when the winds are relatively calm. Chicago River Canoe and Kayak offer rentals while L.L. Bean offers guided tours.

Five Stress Relief Games for the Car

Traveling can be stressful; the traffic can be brutal. So what can we do to relieve some of that stress while in the car? There are many games we can play while traveling that will help relieve or even eliminate the stress we sometimes feel when we are on the road.

There are five games we can play to relieve stress while traveling. One game to play is to see who can find the most states on license plates on the passing cars. This activity will let your mind think about other things, and help you forget why you were stressed to begin with.

You can play a game with music. This game can be guessing what the next words to a song are, or who is singing the song. Then, when you get tired of these two games, you can play a good old fashion game of connect the dots or tic tac toe.

Of course, these games are not for the driver! Another good game to past the time is to see how many different billboards you pass. And finally the fifth game could be playing any game on a portable game device that helps relieve your stress.

How to Keep the Peace on Your Family Road trip


You’ve got the whole family ready for the car trip of a lifetime. You set the adt system and dropped the dog off at the kennel and you’re generally just ready to pack up the kids and have the time of your life. But what are the kids going to do in the backseat? Here are some ideas for keeping the peace.

Pack some Activities: Will your kids play together well? If so, download some car games online and break them out when everyone gets bored. If they’re more into individual activities bring some books along or maybe a couple of projects.

Don’t Forget Snacks: Snacks are an integral part of a happy family and full kids are nearly always happier than hungry ones. Think peanuts, fiber bars and sports drinks to really keep them full.

Bring Out the Tech: Worst case scenario, you’ve got to have a couple of iPods or possibly even a portable DVD player. Technology can always save the day when your kids get ornery and can’t stand to talk to each other any longer. Don’t forget the DVDs and headphones!